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Unveiling a New Painting Series

I am excited to finally unveil a project I've kept under wraps for a long time. The time has come to let you glimpse my new painting series that I've been working on intensively. As I mentioned in previous posts, it was hard to keep this secret as the paintings started filling my studio, and visitors couldn't help but notice them. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, which pleasantly surprised me given how new this is.

"The Fool II"

Klára Sedlo; nová obrazová série; Tarot karty

Oil on canvas, 90 x 60 cm, 2024

Imagine holding a 17th-century tarot card. This painting is part of a larger series that I will present in October in Prague. The depiction is based on tarot cards from the 16th and 17th centuries (and some later), typically showing the fool as a jester with a dog (or sometimes a cat) biting his rear or tugging at his pants.

For those interested in this mystical and historical representation, I created two variants: the traditional one with the biting dog and a calmer version where the dog stands obediently. The first variant was calmer, but I felt the need to add the classic, more playful biting dog version.

I will present the painting series in October in Prague. Similarly to the Voynich plants, if anyone wants to receive a sales portfolio of the cards before the exhibition, please message me, and I will send it out by the end of the summer.


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