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Paintings from the About Superficiality series are stories of our society. About us always being consumed by fear, willing to stay on the surface and not to ask, unless it is necessary.

The largest canvases of the series depict persons dying "of superficiality", drowning in beautiful but simple things. In smaller canvases I work predominantly with superficially tacky objects. They are ''happy makers'' of sorts. They are designed to make us happy – and I observe how often we look for simple solutions like those, or strive to buy feelings. Paradoxically people that own many of such ''happy makers'', have many internal struggles that theyre trying to cover up.

The same is to be said for my paintings. Albeit full of beautiful objects, they are unsettling and there is something in them that needs to be discovered and questioned. For example whether the male figure with horns is really the devil.

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