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I have a secret in my studio. What? Seriously... Paintings you haven't seen yet. I'm hiding them. Keeping them secret. For the past year, I’ve felt that something groundbreaking, something new, was coming in my work, but it just wouldn’t "crystallize" on the canvas. The weight of the new idea was physically felt. I kept getting closer, but somehow couldn’t finalize it.

Then, some time ago, "it" came. When I finished the Voynich series for Gomu, I finally had a clear head, experimented, and then it clicked. I sat down at the easel, and suddenly "it" was on the canvas. Eureka! The feeling when I saw "it" in front of me was indescribable. For the next three days, I painted nothing out of excitement and shock that I had finally discovered "it."

But then I continued. I painted more and more works in the same spirit. New series, new form. It's completely different - really. Those who have seen "it" were excited and immediately demanded to see the whole series once it’s finished.

A small preview of the big mystery:

Detail z nové obrazové série Kláry Sedlo;

By the way, just like with the Voynich series, I'm already making a list 😃 If anyone wants to receive the sales portfolio with the new series before the exhibition, let me know in a message :)


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