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Hair? Hair!

I am adding some photos from the preparation of the Hairdressing Salon exhibition! :)

What if the human psyche could be combed like hair?

The hairdresser of human souls would stand over the barber's chair and say: "Anxiety? Do you want it as a permanent or topping? I will make you of your compulsions and obsesses over the most gorgeous hairstyle the world has ever seen. Wash first, then blow off, and in the meantime maybe we'll lighten those dark thoughts a bit... Or just hair highlighting? Isn't it too bright?”

And then she would comb, cut, take care of the ends, until finally it was out of your soul created the desired shape, with which you can go to the ball, for example, or even just to work.

She would then sweep the shorn fears and worries into a pile on the floor, collect them with a shovel and hid it in a huge bag with those she had swept the day before and the day before before and the day before...

Klára Sedlo / Hairdressing Salon

Vernissage: 9.2. 2023 _ 18.30 / Galerie Mega A Můstek

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