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A new phase begins

A new phase begins.

Different paintings, different thinking. My imagination collapsed and rebuilt itself again - it was dawning on me, but it took 14 days this time. A rather long time, if you ask me, but it was worth it.

I usually don't talk about these inner processes here, but today I'd like to make an exception. I guess you already know how my creative process works – you often ask me. But here's a short snapshot: I get lots of ideas, tens of them daily.

Images appear in my head as visions; they just come up constantly – while washing dishes, painting, falling asleep, talking, etc.

I always pause for a minute and examine what I see in detail. It's awesome.

And then something like an 'idea-reboot' happens from time to time - it's usually relatively short, and I don't even notice it. It's like an expansion of my idea cabinet.

When you think of imagination as a building, it's like adding new rooms. Just like that. Amazing. But this time, it was different. This time, architects, designers and decorators rushed inside and shut me out for 14 days.

Reboot. I should add quotations. "Reboot". While that is happening, fewer visions arise during the day. They still keep coming (and I can catch those I want), but my access to them is limited. They don't come so naturally, or I even have to look for them. I wander around the building of my soul and look for hidden ideas amidst absolute chaos.

I usually become quite sad or irritated. I grind my teeth and my signs of obsession get worse.

These phases commonly pass in a matter of days. And then I create different things, or I make a new series. Except it's hard to realize you're currently in such a phase.

Anyway, this time it was really long, 14 days!

(I still paint, of course - I usually work on older pieces or sketches).

Then, a few days ago, everything started working again - except it was entirely different.

My visions merged into each other, and it was hard to see sharp outlines. I could only see fragments of ideas and flashes of colorful compositions.

It took two more days for me to learn how to capture and examine them closely.

Now I see them thoroughly and clearly. Many arise during the day, but they look different. It's like entering a new, reconstructed house. I'm excited.

This house has numerous ideas, infinite ideas. You can't exhaust them, and you can't record them all...

It's just like one of those 'home improvement' reality shows when the families see their new house: WOW!

Thank you! Thank you, interior designers and architects of my imagination.

It feels as if I have become the house.

Anyway, here is a photo of my studio right now. Enjoy.

P.S. The orange jacket is important - remember it :)

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