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New Voynich´s flower

It seems like I am not working on the Voynich manuscript series anymore. Nothing can be further from the truth!:) I am still doing the flower paintings, from time to time, between other projects. My stubborn nature pays off here - when I have some idea in my head, I finish it:))

There are 150 flower drawings in the 14th century manuscript. And I decided to re-create them all. (Catch 'em all, hehe:)))

In the manuscript we can see a bit of naive, schematic drawings. What I do is that I create more realistic views on the mysterious flowers depicted in the mystical Voynich book. Simply - how would these weird, bizarre flowers look, if they really existed? (Because all the flowers in the manuscript are unknown, not matching anything we know.)

I am right now somewhere around painting number 93 out of 150. But I painted some flowers several times - those that were most interesting to me. So 93 finished artworks doesn't mean 93 flowers from manuscript done. But I think I have re-create something around 80 flowers so far.

This one is one of my favorite ones. I have painted this beauty several times, this is the third time I am depicting this weird plant. I painted it during daylight, in a field, also during sunset in a forest, and now in a pot:)

It looks a bit like from some cartoon, and a bit like from a different galaxy. What an amazing combination!

oil on canvas, 40×40 cm

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