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Music in Paintings

Today I'm going to share with you something that makes me incredibly happy! Something completely new is starting!

Music in paintings - this is a project prepared by the great violin virtuoso Jaroslav Svěcený together with my wonderful curator Reny Mužíková.

Jaroslav Svěcený decided to connect music with visual art. The paintings will be complemented by violin notes, which in turn will play out the paintings.

And I am incredibly happy and honored that they invited me to the project! What's more - I'm even the first artist they tried the project with for the first time!:) We were a bit nervous about how it would all work - and it worked out more than well!

On Thursday, a wonderful concert was played between the paintings in Prague's Violino Club. We exhibited several canvases from my Voynich Manuscript series, and then also portraits of girls - princesses (the selection of compositions by Václav Trojan was brilliant for these portraits!). The responses were very positive - so expect more music in paintings.

Thank you once again not only for the opportunity, but also for the beautiful concert on Thursday! I must say that it was a completely new experience for me too, to see my paintings to the sounds of wonderful music performed by Jaroslav Svěcený and accordionist Ladislav Horák.

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