English text to my current exhibitions

Unusual and weird thing and happenings in life have been leading me to weird painting. Such painting does not want to follow the norms. The absurd paintings are the result of my effort. Via painting, I explore bizarre life situations, simply my own personal absurdity.

Firstly, there were paintings based on absurd situations I experienced myself. Later I wanted to make a painting weird by itself, not just by what it pictures: a painting absurd owing to its existence. A painting that does not follow the norms or trends, painting that doe not fill expectations and which speaks my own language. Painting, that is neither still life nor landscape nor portrait. Painting that is not anything of these classical genres or maybe it is all of them. (Well, I still do not understand why we all are still painting a lot of things on the table or the hills and sky. Why shrub roses, fire in the fireplace or fences are not frequent themes of paintings?). So, my paintings have no external rules, my paintings forget dogma and live their own life – unpredictable and weird, because we find weird everything we are not used to. At the onset, the reactions of the viewers are distrustful but soon the viewers reveal the picture and begin to be attracted – more and more.

Subject matters for my paintings usually come subconsciously and illogically. As a flesh. Realistic painting serves as a matrix, for the lines (usually orange-blue, because of contrast) or another realistic painted story or a story-fragment, which frames the first realistic painting back. Two combined layers, two coordinated stories in one picture – it is my intent. The combination of wood, figures, landscapes, weird things and abstract or graphical scenes was intended to be seemingly illogical.

So, this is mine way how to picture the world, thoughts and being. I am trying to find my own way how to do that – like ancient Egyptians, impressionists, classicism painters (..etc) did. They all depicted the same things, but found their own language to speak.