Klára Sedlo (*1993) 


2004 – 2012 Malostraské gymnázium, Prague

2012 – 2014 Charles University in Prague

2014 – present Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Painting School - doc. Michael Rittstein

Exhibitions (selection):


Collective exhibitions:


InHalf,ViaartGallery, Prague, Czech Republic, 2018

Focus, Litera Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, 2018

Heart for Heart´s Sake, Artery Gallery, Prague,Czech Republic, 2018

Atribut, Hybernska Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, 2017

ArtPrague 17, Kafka´s House, Prague, Czech Republic, 2017

The Natural World, Prague House, Brussels, Belgium, 2016

Figurama 16, Katowice, Poland, 2016

Žák, Honz, Sedlo, Wojnar, Gallery AVU, Prague,Czech Republic, 2016

Josefská 7, Galerie 1, Prague, Czech Republic, 2015

Right next to it, Gallery of  Josef Liesler, Kadaň,Czech Republic, 2014

Exhibition during Literární Vysočina festival, Czech Republic, 2011


Solo exhibitions:
Light outside and Darkness inside us, Gallery Club 29, Pardubice, Czech Republic, 2018

About Shallownness, Gallery Sladovna, Pisek, Czech Republic, 2018

Paintings, Gallery at Milada, Prague, Czech Republic, 2017

Barrandov, Galerie Divadla Na Prádle, Prague, Czech Republic, 2013 

Černý Sklivec/Black Vitreous, Rock Café, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011 


And now something different.
Now let me tell you something about my work.
Painting is not just ,,hobby" or ,,job", it is much much more...

P.Bonnard once said, that the goal isn´t to paint life, but to live for painting. And I think so. Turner painted his nightmares, Monet painted his wife on deathbed and Picasso made tragic story of one small spanish town immortal. Painting is like energy, which absorbs artists and thanks to them gives eternal life to stories and views.
But it´s not only about what we can see. Artist is connecting line to something upper. As Paul Klee once said: artist is a tree trunk - it draws from root to branches and the other way around. From another world to our world and other way around. Differences between these two worlds gradualy vanish and artist begin to see. 
The ability of painting is just ability of seeing. To paint realistic paintings we need to see. To paint wonderwall canvases we need to have our eyes open wide.There is still importance of WHO the artist is or rather: how wide is he/she able to open eyes and if is ready to sacrifice life to  viewing. 

I want to see world in one piece and into detail in the same time. Watch it spin through loads of unknown dimensions, into which I try to enter while creating my art.

Im trying to give forward things I can´t tell - things that can be ,,told" only by visual experience. I´m thinking about every painting logically and intuitive and want to add there something extra, new view and also everything, what come throught my mind (- only things you lived could be strong. ) I don´t want my paintings to ,,happen by occasion". My paintings are supposed to be elaborated to make perfect working organism excessing into few another dimensions.
I want my painting to talk to viewer - and the best thing, of course, is, when viewer lets the picture enter his life-story (as well as I let Painting enter story of mine).

OK, how to sum up it all? P.Bonnard said, that the goal isn´t to paint life, but to live for painting. Painting is way of living - it changes you beyond recognition. It moves you somewhere else, to places and moods you will never come back to Earth as you did know it.

True artist wants to see and wats to mediate this opportunity to others.