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So it is here! The big news!

So it is here! The big news! Together with Nemuer music group we have started our crowdfunding campaign to finance our audiovisual art project which brings the ancient egyptian Book of D3ad back to life! We are working on this together with egyptologists, song are all in ancient egyptian language and I try to stick as much as possible to historically accurate art principles, that were used in Egypt. It is hard, but we enjoy it so much and we think this project is worth finishing. Thank you for any support! Hithit - Resurrect the Egyptian Book of the Dead - Art Music Film

What do we offer in exchange for your support?

For example Pot to repell the Aphophis snake (which come handy if you find yourself in the egyptian underworld)

Some of my sketches (small oilpaintings, which I am holding on the pic) that were made for album cover and for the animated music video (kind of teaser or the movie we are trying to make)

Bookmarker made out of papyrus (you can use it even if you are reading books that are not in hieroglyphic wrtting though)

And tickets for the concert in Prague (4th Nov), CD, digital CD, poster with signatures, hoodies, t-shirts, free digital movie and much more! Check it out!

We thank you

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