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The exhibition "Hairdressing Salon" is close!

This is the Princess with a Golden Star. Recently, I have been dealing with the motif of hair in my works. I explored them as aesthetic elements, as magical symbols or used them as lines in paintings. During creation, I thought - what if our souls could be adjusted in hairdressers, just like hair in different hairstyles? What would it look like? All these ideas resulted in the collection you will see at the exhibition aptly named Hairdressing Salon. At the opening you will learn, among other things: Why did I buy a ten-kilogram box of plumbing supplies for the exhibition? How many braids can be braided in an hour? Why did the polystyrene balls return to my studio? And what does a gorilla enclosure have to do with all of this? Vernissage on 9th February at Galerie Mega! I'm really looking forward to it and cordially invite you! Vernisáž Galerie Mega A / Můstek / Klára Sedlo / Kadeřnictví

Princess with a Golden Star

oil on canvas, 90×60 cm, 2023

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