Darkness under the Sun

Next week I will open my solo exhibition called Darkness under the Sun in Artery Gallery in Prague (Gorazdova 9, Prague 2). Among others you will be able to see my newst sun series and interior series. We start at 6 pm on Thursday 16th August. Looking forward to see you there!

New painting! New series begin!

I have finished new oilpainting. It is called ,,Tired from the Sun". 
Model for this one was my best friend and also flat-mate Sara, who has  already appeared on several canvases. This painting is - with the piece ,,Cry from the Sun" - beginning of a new series I would like to develop during summer. 

I keep working with linear drawing, that I integrate into realistic painting, but here I use more contrast colors- as yellow and balck. Theme of paintings is sun - sun as the light, heat or symbol of life - and emotions connected with it.

Tired from the Sun

Cry from the Sun


ArtSafari 2018 is over

And I would like to thank you for coming and for your interest and questions about my paintings.
Also I would like to share you an article that Lidove Noviny printed in 15th June issue -  I was really nicely surprised that my painting was printed there also:)