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Plush toys with glittering eyes are kind of leitmotif of our times. They can be found all around – in shops with toys, bookstores even on gas stations. In their big eyes we can see reflection of all the things around, reflection of our days. Those eyes are so beautiful, they all are so beautiful with the colorful fur, so beautiful it becomes worrying. Nevertheless, we too want to have everything so nice on the surface, we want our lives to look beautiful so much it can be easily found, that we are just covering something...

That is why my plush toys are different. They reveal the base of things, which was supposed to be covered up. They are, despite their nice and shiny appereance, heroes in dramatical stories, they show weird hobbies (like reading Necronomicon, celebrating Beltane or visiting weird places) or just human emotions. Simply everything, that we are afraid to reveal in fear that we will be refused or „seem not so cool“.

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