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Jessica Fogbow

Prague, 2023

Okay guys, I have been working on this for more than year. My big solo show in one of the most beautiful Prague galleries.

I have created loads of paintings, site specific installations, performance, all forms of art to tell you the story about extraordinary London based psychic: Jessica Fogbow. She has traveled to Prague and can't wait to see ya all!

Exhibition runs in Gallery of Art Critics in Prague between 26th APR - 14th MAY.


Opening 25th April 6 PM!!

Stick to the map!:)

About a year ago, I decided to finally use paintings to map my anxieties and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which I've struggled with since childhood. I intended to organize a large exhibition of these works for my 30th birthday—an introspective, self-revealing exhibition. So I began to create a statement including paintings of anxiety, dreams, but also hope. But it wasn't so easy. In the course of my work, I soon found myself at a dead end - I knew what I wanted to paint, but I couldn't figure out how to exactly. They were not meant to be paintings dripping with depression nor self-portraits of an artist tormented by her psyché. My paintings always have a bit of humor and bizarre quirkiness. And most importantly, they have a story. And every story needs denouement. However, I couldn't find the answer to the most essential question: What would my life be like without anxiety? 

And that is when Fogbow entered the scene and told me everything I needed to know. As you may know, I also come up with stories and tales besides painting. Her story suddenly started to unfold in my head, as it happens with most of my ideas. I was sitting in a hotel room near Barbican in London, fascinated by the storyline, character and details that my subconscious was telling before my eyes, writing itself on paper: Fogbow is a psychic. She lives her strange life in the middle of London, and apart from seeing the future, she also sees her inner demons. She gives a visual form to emotions and stands much further in the unreal world than I do. I suddenly figured that I was watching myself, yet still someone different. I was supposed to be Jessica Fogbow, yet it wasn't me. Something was fundamentally different - Fogbow dealt with her fears during the story. She didn't have anxiety. How did she do it?

I think all the feelings Fogbow went through, that I made her go through, are also mine. I dragged her through the darkest night London has ever seen and the brightest morning to observe even more clearly what was happening inside her. On her case, I could watch what would happen to me/what will happen to me when my obsessive anxiety disorder and anxiety disappear, and I'd have to deal with whatever was underneath.

This exhibition is for her, for her thirtieth birthday.

Čtení z karet olej na plátně 2023

Card reading

130x100 cm



Temple within a Temple

60 x 50 cm



What Are Dreams Made of

80 x 60 cm


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