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JH Fogbow

Klára's paintings usually work with two levels - the first with compositional and visual reflections, the second with storylines that usually follow up on other paintings (either in a series or her overall artwork).

For Klára, a vision or image is not enough. She needs the accompanying storyline level - how does the image expand to the left? How does it expand to the right? How does it grow through time, going forwards or back in time?

This way, characters and their stories merge with the painting's formal aspect and give the incentive to develop more art pieces. Klára has been intensively working on a character named Jessica H. Fogbow, which came to life during Klára's stays in London. A fortune teller dressed in an orange suit became the prominent painting subject. Orange, an unusual color that is hard to find in nature and resembles visual perceptions of city lights and reflective vests, enables Klára to work with composition and the color scheme in a new, distinct manner. In this piece, Klára blends her favorite themes from folk witchcraft, folklore and spiritualism (usually represented by linear drawings) with the modern world of social media, Instagram and big cities. 

Klára Sedlo (*1993) is a distinctive young art generation artist in Czechia. She became an outstanding and successful talent while studying at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating, she rooted herself in her painting manuscript and established a firm stance in the Czech artistic scene. 

Her exhibitions take place in Czechia and abroad (USA, Great Britain, Italy, Germany,...). Her work can also be seen in collections in the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia. In her pieces, she focuses on figurative painting. She enjoys exploring and depicting psychological conditions (her graduation work was dedicated to obsessive-compulsive disorder); however, she also utilizes elements of pop culture, kitsch, or classic horrors and humor. Although she works mainly with traditional two-dimensional paintings, her art commonly expands into site-specific installations, performances, or video art to present her visions in context and simultaneously show the complexity of the human inner world.

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